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Congressional Democrats Support Discrimination Against Jews?

Congressional Democrats want to persevere the right of Palestinian supporters to boycott Jewish-made goods from Israel, but they oppose our right to boycott companies who boycott those goods. Convoluted, right?  This logically incongruent concept is ideologically entangled with the recent surge in Democratic antisemitism, which is fueled by the Democratic Party’s allegiance (or “intersectionality”) with Islam and the Palestinians. […]

Communists, Ocasio-Cortez and … Jesus?

“Lenin lived, Lenin lives, Lenin will live!” That was the first line in my Soviet textbooks when I was a little girl growing up in the USSR. Does that line sound familiar? Maybe too familiar. Think back to the Bible. Depending on the translation, the line reads something like this: Christ died, Christ is risen, […]

Leave No Man Behind: Go Back For Officer Holtzclaw

Americans are an excitable bunch. We get excited about MAGA hats, plastic straws, Twitter bans, ozone holes, Hillary’s emails, and other simplistic, emotionally-charged topics. But we drag our feet connecting to more profound, yet emotionally-draining issues. And for a good reason. Why discuss that which makes us feel dejected when we can stick to topics that enliven us? But these […]

DOJ Prosecutors Wrongfully Accuse Trump of Campaign Finance Crimes

Federal lawyers prosecuting Michael Cohen in the Southern District of New York have dropped a bombshell in a memorandum they filed with the court this past Friday — accusing President Trump of campaign finance crimes. Cohen was Donald Trump’s personal lawyer. During Trump’s campaign, Cohen paid off two women to remain quiet about disgraceful stories of Donald […]

US Courts Treat Illegal Immigrants BETTER Than American Citizens

Immigration courts treat asylum seekers lackadaisically, incongruous to how our state and federal courts treat Americans and everyone else seeking a hearing.  In our legal system, if you don’t show up for court when you’re supposed to, a bench warrant is ordered for your arrest, be it a civil or a criminal case. If you don’t show up, you […]

Conservatives Considering Regulating Google, Twitter

Online media appears to be under the control of powerful leftists who make subjective decisions as to what type of information can and should be permitted on their sites. Twitter and Facebook silence conservative voices while allowing liberals to speak unmuted. Google is scheming to downgrade conservative news media while upgrading liberal media in their […]

We Believed The Story About The Helpless Woman And The Homeless Man. Why?

A New Jersey couple posted a feel-good story about a homeless man helping a young, helpless woman in distress on GoFundMe, asking for donations to help the seemingly-deserving man get back on his feet. The story went viral. Kate McClure and her boyfriend Mark D’Amico raised over $400K for Johnny S. Bobbitt Jr. The couple claimed […]

Freedom of Speech Implicated As Another Russian National Charged For Interfering with U.S. Elections

Freedom of Speech Implicated As Another Russian National Charged For Interfering with U.S. Elections The U.S. government has charged another Russian national for meddling in our elections under the catchall charge known as “conspiracy to commit offense or to defraud United States,” a felony punishable by up to five years in prison. The FBI asserts […]

Taking Down Goliath: A Constitutional Challenge to Mueller’s Powers

Taking Down Goliath: A Constitutional Challenge to Mueller’s Powers Constitutional law attorney Paul Kamenar has taken Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller to a federal court of appeals, challenging Mueller’s legitimacy and powers as unconstitutional and arguing that Mueller acts like a “U.S. Attorney-at-large or a super U.S. Attorney with almost unlimited resources.” This is the […]