FAKE NEWS: CNN Calls Palestinian Terrorists With Guns and Grenades ‘Largely Unarmed’

CNN appears to be on a mission to help Hamas destroy Israel. CNN has spent the past month actively assisting Hamas terrorists with media propaganda dissemination as the terrorists continue their attempt to overtake Israel.CNN headlines always point the finger at Israel as a culprit, and always shower Palestinian terrorists with white lies to bolster them.CNN stories are propagandizing art. A story about months of continuous attacks on Israeli border and infrastructure by terrorists and their recruits becomes a story of a nurse killed due to Israeli overreaction to what CNN described as “largely unarmed” “protests,” a regurgitation of Hamas terrorist allegations.

I snapped at CNN immediately after they spread FAKE NEWS last month by misreporting violence as “protest.” Last night, CNN doubled down on this deceitful “protest” terminology when reporting on the alleged nurse. This has never been a “protest.” This has always been violence against the country of Israel.

CNN praises the terrorists as being “largely unarmed.” LARGELY UNARMED? CNN noticed that some were unarmed, while others were heavily armed, but CNN prefers the “unarmed protestor” narrative and is comfortable with concealing terrorism, so the fallacious “largely unarmed” terminology was forced down our throats.

Let’s be clear: the Palestinians are heavily armed with grenades, guns, and firebombs, and are trying to cause death and destruction.

CNN does not explain why the alleged nurse was killed. Maybe she was standing next to the terrorist with the grenade. Or she was next to the terrorist trying to run over Israeli soldiers with his car. Maybe she was next to the terrorists shooting a rifle at Israeli soldiers, or the terrorist hurling a firebomb into Israel. CNN didn’t report on any of this, so we are in the dark as to these relevant details.

How do we even know if the story about the nurse is true? Last month, CNN reported that a Palestinian baby was killed by Israel. Turns out, that was a lie. The baby was removed from the list of Palestinian dead because that baby died of natural causes unrelated to Israel or the Great Return March. Instead of mourning the death of his child like a normal human being, the Palestinian father brought his baby’s dead body to the mob attacking the Israeli border and lied to CNN about how that baby died. CNN has not updated their story blaming Israel for the death of that baby. Nor has CNN reported that Palestinians and Hamas lie about their dead quite often.

CNN also continues the false narrative of the intent of the “protest.” CNN is correctly reporting that these “protests” are not about Trump (a misrepresentation CNN made last month), but about the Great Return March. But what CNN conveniently leaves out of the Great Return March reporting is that the intention of the march is to walk into Israel, kill Jews and overtake the country.

CNN is conveniently continuing to ignore Palestinian calls for the murder of Israelis and Jews. In this video, IDF shows maps posted by Hamas on their Great Return March social media, illustrating where Israeli towns and homes are located and showing paths of how to get there from the border. A “peaceful protestor” named Mohammed told Washington Post that their goal is to “get inside” and to do “whatever is possible, to kill, throw stones.” Washington Post also reported that two other men carried large knives and said they wanted to kill Jews on the other side of the fence. Other terrorists are seen on video running around the border screaming, “KILL THE JEWS!” Indeed, the mission of Palestinian Hamas, the organizer of these “protests,” is to kill the Jews and overtake Israel.

Why is CNN ignoring these facts? I suspect it is because CNN sees terrorism intentions against Israel and Jews as an inconvenient truth, inconsistent with their continuous anti-Israel agenda, so they just choose to leave that part out.

This is why CNN is biased, untrustworthy FAKE NEWS.

The Hamas terror organization repeatedly seeks to turn the area next to the security fence into a violent zone both above and below ground. The IDF will not allow this and will continue operating in order to defend the security of Israeli civilians pic.twitter.com/laoPKj5mw3

— IDF (@IDFSpokesperson) June 2, 2018