I Want My America Back


We’ve lived through six weeks of hate, chaos, destruction, and demonstrative insurrection by the BLM-Antifa alliance. And this psychotic turmoil followed three months of coronavirus scare-mongering that held us hostage inside our homes. Many of us remain restricted by authoritarian governors to this day, leftist leaders who are indiscriminately criminalizing behaviors of the healthy instead of quarantining the sick.

Having spent this 4th of July with wonderful American patriots (who disagree politically, by the way, but remain strong patriots nonetheless), it made me long for those classic American summers: kids playing outside, summer parades and fairs, going to the beach, seeing happy people all around us, enjoying outdoor restaurant dining, traveling cross country, etc. Waking up on Sunday morning after a perfect 4th of July, I had only these words on my mind: I want my America back.

My America is a free country with endless opportunities for all. My America is made up of people who respect our great nation and see how unique it is amongst all others. My America is a nation that respects law and order, for without it, capitalism cannot survive. My America respects police officers and thanks officers for taking risks to protect all Americans from crime.

By the way, the reason why leftists and Marxists hate the police and continue to do so even when their false “racist policing” narrative is exposed, is because the police protect American capitalism. Think back to George Floyd. He was arrested for attempting to defraud a small business with a fake $20 bill. Minneapolis Police were called to investigate Floyd for fraud. (Floyd’s death was an anomaly, not a norm. Never forget that). Had police not been empowered to arrest people for fraud, businesses would bear the cost of the crime. Small businesses cannot afford the costly price of swallowing all crime losses, so they would not continue to operate in regions where police cannot help them. That is why businesses do not thrive in crime-infested areas: both business owners and shoppers are deterred by crime. American capitalism, and all of our lovely shopping centers, rely heavily on law enforcement for a safe monetary exchange.

Those same leftists who hate the police, claim that my America that promises equal opportunity for all is not fair or equitable because it does not promise equal results for all. America has never guaranteed results, only opportunities. But that’s a capitalist construct of equality. Leftists believe in the socialist conceptualization of fairness: equal results. This equal results theory has been undisguisedly taught by leftist high school teachers and college professors for at least a decade. (Before that, the teachings were more tacit). These past few years, the leftist infiltration has reached elementary schools, where younger children are being taught socialism and Marxism as “equity,” as a fairer alternative to allegedly unfair equality.

Socialists were wise enough to amplify their “equity” theories by aggravating race tensions. For as Soviet socialists have known for decades, the word “racism” is America’s soft-spot. Americans are so genuinely terrified of being called, or even thought of as, racist, that they will shine your shoes or lay down on their bellies to show you they’re not. Ironically, it is the belief in true equality that leaves Americans so vulnerable on this issue; but instead of celebrating this fact, socialists use it to exploit and torment Americans.

Americans have allowed their weaknesses to overtake their strengths and kneeled to the anti-American mobs. The gesture has not assuaged the mob, it refueled the mob — and this emotional surrender is what has allowed America to be lost to anti-American mob rule these past six weeks. And it’s only getting worse.

But it’s time to stop walking head down, in fear of the mobs. It’s time to stand up strong and proud. It’s time to get our America back. My perfect 4th of July shouldn’t have been an anomaly this summer, it should have been the norm. I wish American peace and greatness for us all, perpetually.

I know there are neo-leftists in charge of our American cities and police departments that make it difficult for some to feel hopeful. But if anyone can stand up to socialist rule, it’s us: Americans. That’s the glory of our history and culture, the fight that burns deep inside us, the fires of freedom that power our understanding of what is right and what is wrong.

Be an American. Go get our country back.